Who We Are

Champions for Impact is reshaping what impact looks like, without sacrificing profits or purpose. We focus on driving change while also ensuring sustainable financial success.

We are not a charitable organization, but rather a purpose-driven company that seeks to leverage the collective influence, resources, and platforms of the members of our ecosystem to drive change and make an economic, social and global impact. Champions for Impact is committed to uniting the sports, business, and nonprofit sectors to drive significant economic and global impact, and foster partnerships that extend beyond individual capabilities. We provide a platform for innovative thinking, meaningful conversations, and actionable solutions. Our ultimate goal is to inspire and motivate our network to take bold steps towards building a better future for all.

Join us and be a part of a movement that is shaping the world for the better. Together, we can amplify our impact and create a legacy of change that will be felt for generations to come.

We believe that purpose and profit can go hand in hand

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What We Do


Champions for Impact offers bespoke consulting to athletes, business leaders, organizations, family offices, corporations and nonprofits. By bringing together expertise, resources, and a collaborative community, we drive positive change and amplify the impact of our clients.

We offer a comprehensive range of services designed to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals and maximize their impact. Our team of seasoned professionals provides strategic guidance, market insights, and tailored solutions to address specific challenges and opportunities. From business strategy to social impact initiatives and sports partnerships, we provide expert advice and support to our clients, empowering them to make informed decisions and drive meaningful change.


Our mission for events is simple yet powerful: to unite influential figures from the sports, business, and nonprofit sectors under one common goal - driving impact and cultivating valuable partnerships.

At CFI, we believe that by connecting leaders with shared values, we can foster an environment that empowers individuals and organizations to leverage their resources for sustainable change. We strive to establish a global community of change-makers who are committed to creating a positive difference in the world.

What sets CFI apart is our unique approach to collaboration. By bringing together leaders from diverse backgrounds, we create a platform where ideas can flourish, partnerships can be forged, and collective action can be taken. Through our network of influential individuals and organizations, we aim to tackle pressing economic, social and global challenges head-on. Our core values revolve around inclusivity, innovation, and impact. We believe that by harnessing the collective power of our expertise, experience, and resources, we can drive meaningful change on a global scale.

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The Founder

Champions for Impact was founded by impact strategist and global entrepreneur Alycia M. Powell, J.D. Upon graduation from law school, Alycia began her entrepreneurial journey as a business, marketing and nonprofit consultant. She combined her passion for sports and making the world a more equitable place and launched Champions for Philanthropy, a consulting agency that has worked with a global roster of professional athletes, entertainers, nonprofits and influencers in furthering their philanthropic and business endeavors around the globe.

Alycia has served on various nonprofit boards, and is a member of The Links, Incorporated.

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